who are we?

Brooks + April!


We serve Asian street food and inspired cuisine from our kawaii truck.

We hail from Baltimore but consider Longmont our home (of six years). We love the community, the people and the beer! When we first met, Brooks was a chef in Baltimore and April was in the wine industry. April had studied abroad in Japan while in college and Brooks loved Anime, Ramen and most things Japanese.

After moving to Colorado and landing pretty fast in Longmont we talked about doing a large trip abroad. Japan HAD to be on the list, also Southeast Asia for its accessibility, relative inexpensiveness and all around deliciousness. We ended up in Asia for 3+ months traveling to Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Malaysia. Realizing how broad the food scene is out there and how little we actually see of the different styles here in the states, we decided it would be cool to bring some of that back with us.



Can you spot Brooks?